Saturday, August 15, 2009

Of Jigglypuffs and Obvious Mathematical Errors..

It's been a while since I posted something here in Multiply.. probably because I've had nothing to write about that I wanted to share.. as part of a college tradition that I've developed initially to tell my HS friends how I am handling my studies, I write about my professors for the term in every subject.. and I'm Thankful they don't have multiply accounts.. XD

anyway, here we go..

CHE320 - Thermodynamics 2.. my bitterness in this subject is that I didn't take it last term, which could have given me a higher average even if I failed Inorg.. so far, this subject's been nothing but reporting of our problem sets.. but at least I know I can handle this subject.. My professor here is Ma'am De Vera, and as far as I can tell, she knows the subject, but is using a different approach which I don't know would be more effective.. but I'll see what happens on wednesday when we have our first exam there..

CHM300 - Inorganic Chemistry.. my second take.. oh well.. what can I say.. It's Inorg! given na un! hindi na un variable.. but since I'm taking this under Ma'am Miranda, I think the tables are turned in terms of difficulty.. XD

BIO181 - Basic Biotechnology.. under sir Perci Garcia.. okay naman ang subject.. last week nga lang wala akong ginawa sa kanya kundi magtext or matulog.. hahaha!! kasi naman, ung ibang topic tinuro na sa amin sa Biology subject namin nung 2nd year kami.. the effect? the simplest questions in the quiz were the ones that ended up wrong.. @_@ oh well, there's still 2 more quizzes to go.. XD

CHE375 - Heat and Mass Transfer 1.. under Dr. Arturo Tapas Jr.. to simply put it.. jigglypuff.. @_@

but I guess things will turn out better.. XD

CHM290 - Quantum Chemistry.. under MMMM.. so far, we've learned to derivatize our schrodinger equations and are told that the square of the first derivative yields to the second derivative.. @_@

I'm still waiting for most of my quiz results since we haven't taken our first exam on thermo 2.. oh well.. we'll see what happens in the coming weeks..

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