Friday, January 1, 2010

So much for a Happy New Year..

I knew I should have blogged about it earlier.. maybe I would have stopped it.. yeah I know, blogging won't stop anything unless it's read, but if you believe in string theory, and that everything is connected, then maybe I by blogging it earlier, I could have stopped it from happening..

a few days after my birthday, one of our dogs died.. for those of you who've been to our house, it's the big black one that died on Dec. 9, 2009.. at that time, I already wanted to blog about his death, but chose not to because I still had a mission.. a few days later, our rabbit followed our black lab, for that one I had little feelings for because it didn't want much human attention anyway.. all it ever did was eat whatever greens we couldn't (like the top layer from a head of lettuce)..

about an hour ago, our last dog died.. for this dog, I felt the saddest, because she was more than a dog for me in this house.. I guess you could say that whenever I got lonely, she was there to give me company.. back when she was just a puppy, during late nights, while watching tv, I'd let her in to our living room and she'd run inside and jump on our bean bag.. she enjoys sleeping on that bean bag, although I don't know why.. when she got bigger, we wouldn't let her on the bean bag anymore because she might poke a hole using her nails.. so we limited her from entering the house, but if she did, she'd just stay on the floor instead..

now, we're stuck with a tick infestation, a detergent-water-bleach solution filled with dying ticks, and an empty feeling in our heart because we lost another dog..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JASMS BATCH 2006: The Final Plan. Final Plan for batch 2006 christmas party cum mini reunion (By Dillian Escandor)

Due to some requests from different people, and as a result of an informal survey, we have decided to move the date of our Christmas Party cum batch reunion on the 21st of December. Some details were also changed to accommodate some people who will be having difficulties with bringing food and beverages.

New Details/Requirements:

When: December 21 (monday); 6pm onwards.

Why: Batch Christmas party cum Mini reunion

Where: Julius' House



We are requiring that you bring food (not donuts) that can feed 7 people. Should you not bring, you can contribute a paltry amount of 350. Failure to bring food or to pay the amount is tantamount to being barred from the event. NO FOOD or 350, NO ENTRY

We are also requesting that you inform us (Malaya or Cris or Julius or the author of the note) the kind of dish or dishes and kind of beverage (non alcoholic or alcohol) that you will bring. The purpose is to prevent us to have the same kind of dish and or beverage (puro andoks or puro coke).

Tagging along non batchmates/Jasms graduate):

We have decided that anyone can tag along a non-Jasms graduate/batchmate as long as you limit it to a maximum number of two (2) individuals. You should also bring additional food for them.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

dec 3, 5, and 6

una sa lahat, maraming salamat sa mga sumusunod na tao na bumati sa akin ngaung araw na ito (11:19pm ang nasa oras sa part ng sentence na ito)

sa mga bumati sa akin sa text: (in no particular order)
Jo Cacnio (pinaka-una, around 12am ba naman nagtext sa akin)
Edison Pineda (2nd kasi around 6am)
Carlo Pineda
Ralph Marcelo
Janine Monasterial
Ruby Banta
Jansen Chua
Ate Dimple
Ivy Gavino
Guinevere Pabayos
Jomelyn Almosara
Bryan Diaz
Samuel Dimaapi
Denise Cabahug
and of course, sa mom ko na nasa Samar nung nagtext.. :D

Sa mga bumati sa akin sa Mapua (also no particular order)
Ralph Marcelo
Allen Cruz
AJ Sayo
Michelle Perez
Loui Lagumbay
Regh De Guzman
Christian Deus Cayao (gusto ko lang ilagay ung Deus XD)
Christian Jeffrey Ticar (para may iba pang distinction bukod sa last name.. XD)
Mary Ann Balmes
Johndelon Mendoza
Charmaine Anonuevo (na kinantahan pa ako)
Jean Leido
Maureen Bartolome
Joseph Chan
Dannah Avila
Edison Pineda
Omil Vergara
Claudio Novida
PJ Perez
Don Dy

sa mga bumati sa akin sa FB (by order of notification
Meljohn Tezon
Genrev Novelo
Steven Feudo
Earvin David
Mark Tada
Tone Villareal
Lizette Dones
Jamieson Uy
Jasmin Perea
Lencel Bagcal
Aiza Alarcon
Rodney Baladjay
Teffany Millan
MJ Alfafara
Rumwald Lecaros
KC Cruz
Marq Martinez
Angela Mendoza
Stacy Dumo
Mac-mac Cancino
Hazel Ann Gallos
Kazunori Kato
JR Tan
Nio Latina (na hindi marunong magsulat ng japanese sentence, at di ko alam kung anong software ang ginamit para magsulat ng ganun..)
Arwen Mempin
Loui Lagumbay
Hubert Gobres
Bryan Diaz
Rob Ceballos
PJ Perez
Ronnel Ogot
Sir Vergel Bungay
Joseph Mendoza
James Binalla
Riena Magaspac
Tita Mae Harashima
Uncle Martz Tezon

ung iba po di na makita ang post sa notifications so sorry po kung di ko nasulat ang name ninyo..

sa mga nagtext po sa akin pero di po nakalagay ang pangalan, sori din po.. may 2 na tao na nagtext na hindi registered ang pangalan sa akin, so pakilala na lang po kau..

ang dami kong sinabing tao.. hahaha

anyway, kaya yan ang title ng blog ko kasi yan ang mga araw na nanlibre ako.. Dec. 3 sa Philam Theater with Guive.. Dec. 5 sa SM North Edsa with Dillian, Tim, Cris, Julius, Carlo, and my sister Sara na humabol kahit paano.. hahaha.. tapos Dec. 6 sa Mapua with (duh) Mapuans (dami niyo masyado.. nasa taas na rin naman mga pangalan ninyo.. XD)

Maraming Salamat talaga sa lahat ng mga bumati sa akin ngaung araw na ito..

sa mga hindi nasabihan sa mga dates na ito (Hi Joel!), sori po kung di ko kau nasabihan..

nais ko rin magpasalamat sa laht ng mga nagbigay sa akin ng regalo para sa kaarawan ko..

sa mom ko na pumayag bilhin ang laptop na ginagamit ko ngaun..
kay Carlo Fruto dahil ginawa na niya akong State Alchemist (salamat na rin sa dad mo kasi card nya ang ginamit mo.. hahaha!! XD)
kay Julius Canja para sa "The Lost Symbol" ni Dan Brown
sa kapatid kong si Sara para sa bagong CP accessory na FMA inspired..
at kay Sir A na nagbigay ng exam na madali sana kung tama lang ang pagkabasa ko sa given.. T_T

Monday, November 9, 2009

yes people, I still use multiply..

despite having a facebook account, I still find it more fulfilling to write my blogs here in multiply.. hahaha

anyway, for those of you who know my internet activity, you know I'm online almost everyday.. and for those of you who know my schedule, you know I have a schedule fit for a nocturnal creature.. which also means that I am more nocturnal now than I was before..

included in being a nocturnal person is having to come home every night where the buses are rarely full, and less savings because of instances that cause me to eat dinner out.. one good thing about having to come home every night is that I get to see the night sky..

I mean sure, there were times that the sky was pouring rain due to ondoy, pepeng, santi, tino, and other typhoons that passed the Philippines. but there are those nights that I get to see a cloudless sky, and the moon shines bright along with the stars..

it's nights like these that I wish our house had a balcony.. you'd probably find me sitting there, with a laptop, and a drink in hand.. not necessarily alcoholic, but something to quench my thirst..

it's also times like these that I want to climb a mountain again.. on a mountain, you get to see more stars than in the city.. the city lights cause less light to pass through the atmosphere you see, so the more city lights we have, the less stars we see..

for those of you who I have climbed with, I'm sure you know the feeling.. and for those of you who hasn't tried climbing mountains (literally), it's a lot of work, but the satisfaction you get when you reach the top is worth it..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

back in the gray zone...

like I said yesterday near lunch time.. "di ko nga alam kung anong kulay nun ngayon eh".. and as it turned out, I'm still in the shade of gray..

I thought I was already nearing the white zone.. but then I stumbled back to the gray...

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yesterday was one of the most unusual experiences that I've ever had in my life..

It was 10:20 in the morning, on a rainy Saturday morning.. we were in the middle of our third quiz for our Inorganic Chemistry subject, when a general chemistry student of Ma'am Miranda (Our professor for Inorg) came in and inquired about the exam he was supposed to take, because classes were already suspended during this time.

Normally, Mapuans would ask for confirmation first about things like these because a common trait that most Mapuans would have is the "Don't waste my time" mentality. This form of mentality is usually present in every Mapuan because he prefers to be as relaxed as possible even if it is already the last week of classes, and the final exams are coming up..

After 10 minutes of staring at my quiz booklet, and realized that there was nothing else I could write, I decided to submit my paper, and be done with the exam. After talking with my other classmates who submitted after me, I realized some of my answers could be wrong..

12nn came, and it was raining as hard as hell.. which meant it would take a while before we could get a ride home, so we decided to play DOTA while waiting for the rain to stop. Unaware of what awaited us, just as we were in front of the signage of the school's name, there was a flood infront of Mapua, so we decided to go back into the campus..

While outside the campus, with all the umbrellas surrouding me, the sleeves of my shirt got very wet, and when I visited the lab assistant's office, they told me to dry my shirt and wear a different one so that I wouldn't catch a cold.. so I did just that, and I placed my wet shirt infront of the electric fan for faster drying. which caused a spark inside the office because the wall of the office was leaking, and the exposed portion of the motor began to shoot colors..

And so the rain continued, and none of the students dared to face the rain, and parents started texting their children to stay in school because of floods happening everywhere. The school then allowed us to stay for the night, and even provided us dinner and breakfast for free.. XD

During the length of the night, we watched movies, played cards, as well as plants vs. zombies. The fun part of the movie watching was that we were watching the movie in full screen since the S.A.'s let us use the LCD projector.. XD

The most unusual thing about the experience as a refugee was that I and my co-students of the Che-Chm department had a world of our own inside Mapua. While most of Mapua was in the gym or AV rooms, I and my batchmates were staying in the Chemistry Laboratory Stockrooms. While everybody was watching the news, and waiting for the rain to end, we were up at the 4th floor enjoying ourselves to everything we could do..

Going home was the best part of being a refugee because we saw a lot of things that made us wonder just how strong the rain was last night. Especially the Quiapo area.. @_@

If we had a chance to take a picture of said area, I would have posted it here. But for now this is what you get. I have videos of what we saw before we rode the LRT 2, so I hope you wait for it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

we're a dying breed... (repost from cris na nakuha kay johann na nakuha nya kay yael)

To every guy that has said, "You're beautiful."

To every guy that has said, "Sex CAN wait."

To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her.

To every guy that gives flowers and a card.

To every guy who has given her flowers just because.

To every guy that said he would die for her.

To every guy that really would.

To every guy that did what she wanted to do.

To every guy that cried in front of her.

To every guy that she cried in front of.

To every guy that holds hands with her.

To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.

To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.

To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.

To every guy that calls(or texts) to make sure she got home safe.

To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.

To every guy that would give his seat up.

To every guy that just wants to cuddle.

To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what.

To every guy who told his secrets to her.

To every guy that tried to show how much he cared through every word and every breath.

To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one.

To every guy that believed in her dreams.

To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them.

To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams.

To every guy that walked her to her house.

To every guy that gave his heart.

To every guy who prays that she is happy even if he is not with her.

To every guy who is willing to wait for years just to prove his love for her.

To every guy who still prioritizes God instead of making the girl as the sun of his life.

...This one bulletin post is for you...

Not many girls appreciate nice guys anymore... And because of this, there are not many left out there... I guarantee 90% of the men on your page will not re-post this because they care more about their image. If you are a nice guy re-post this with "We're a Dying Breed " If you are a girl that thinks every guy should treat a girl this way re-post this with: "To Every Guy"