Monday, November 9, 2009

yes people, I still use multiply..

despite having a facebook account, I still find it more fulfilling to write my blogs here in multiply.. hahaha

anyway, for those of you who know my internet activity, you know I'm online almost everyday.. and for those of you who know my schedule, you know I have a schedule fit for a nocturnal creature.. which also means that I am more nocturnal now than I was before..

included in being a nocturnal person is having to come home every night where the buses are rarely full, and less savings because of instances that cause me to eat dinner out.. one good thing about having to come home every night is that I get to see the night sky..

I mean sure, there were times that the sky was pouring rain due to ondoy, pepeng, santi, tino, and other typhoons that passed the Philippines. but there are those nights that I get to see a cloudless sky, and the moon shines bright along with the stars..

it's nights like these that I wish our house had a balcony.. you'd probably find me sitting there, with a laptop, and a drink in hand.. not necessarily alcoholic, but something to quench my thirst..

it's also times like these that I want to climb a mountain again.. on a mountain, you get to see more stars than in the city.. the city lights cause less light to pass through the atmosphere you see, so the more city lights we have, the less stars we see..

for those of you who I have climbed with, I'm sure you know the feeling.. and for those of you who hasn't tried climbing mountains (literally), it's a lot of work, but the satisfaction you get when you reach the top is worth it..

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