Friday, January 1, 2010

So much for a Happy New Year..

I knew I should have blogged about it earlier.. maybe I would have stopped it.. yeah I know, blogging won't stop anything unless it's read, but if you believe in string theory, and that everything is connected, then maybe I by blogging it earlier, I could have stopped it from happening..

a few days after my birthday, one of our dogs died.. for those of you who've been to our house, it's the big black one that died on Dec. 9, 2009.. at that time, I already wanted to blog about his death, but chose not to because I still had a mission.. a few days later, our rabbit followed our black lab, for that one I had little feelings for because it didn't want much human attention anyway.. all it ever did was eat whatever greens we couldn't (like the top layer from a head of lettuce)..

about an hour ago, our last dog died.. for this dog, I felt the saddest, because she was more than a dog for me in this house.. I guess you could say that whenever I got lonely, she was there to give me company.. back when she was just a puppy, during late nights, while watching tv, I'd let her in to our living room and she'd run inside and jump on our bean bag.. she enjoys sleeping on that bean bag, although I don't know why.. when she got bigger, we wouldn't let her on the bean bag anymore because she might poke a hole using her nails.. so we limited her from entering the house, but if she did, she'd just stay on the floor instead..

now, we're stuck with a tick infestation, a detergent-water-bleach solution filled with dying ticks, and an empty feeling in our heart because we lost another dog..


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