Saturday, March 17, 2007

Untitled highlight....

If you can read this then you've found my dedication... this poem is for a special someone whom I had fun with just last night...

If you think that you are the person whom I've dedicated this poem to, then let me just say that this is how I wanted to thank you

I told you before, that I would be there
whenever you needed me, when you needed care
I then let you go, for you to choose
how you want to treat your friend who's a fool

Moons have passed, and in one night
under the stars that shined just right
you wanted his comfort, but give he did not
his actions confused most of the lot

you didn't know why, we didn't know either
why he'd move a significant meter
you then made a turn, to face someone else
and showed me a smile, which came from heaven and not earth

from there on after, we cuddled and talked
my mind was spinning, hence, you saw my walk
you told me soon after, that this would've been wrong
but if that were sin, then why write this long?

I thank you my friend, for the time that we spent
those moments together, I enjoyed 'till the end
I've already said it once, and I'll say it again
if you should be troubled, just reach out, and I'll help you again...

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