Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I wrote this last night before I went to sleep.. didn't have time to post it here in multiply because I was too sleepy, as well as the fact that there was no computer on during that time.. hahaha!

When the sun fails you and you move to the dark
When all that you plan just lost its spark
When shadows creep in and take you from witin
And all that you ask is a last look at light

And yet in all irony, deep in the night
You find what you seek, so round and bright
It hides its beauty behind the clouds so high
And there's nothing you can do but look up to the sky

A sea of clouds I saw ahead
But look beyond and there it shares
A single bright radiance it had
oh but the energy, it made me so glad

Alas, I thought my night were damp
When happiness was taken away from me
And yet, there I was under the midnight moon
With my only wish, that she see it too...

A little trivia: when I saw the moon last night, despite not being able to see the lunar eclipse because of the clouds, I remembered at that moment why I love climbing mountains..

It's because when you get to the summit, there's no greater feeling than to be rewarded by the beauty that the mountain possesses..

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