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something 25..

got tagged.. sabi ko around this time ko gagawin.. and so here it is...

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note about yourself using 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals.

At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1) people who first learn that I'm japanese tend to ask "ano meaning ng name mo in Japanese?".. my answer: "Malaya doesn't have a literal translation from japanese.. but the characters I use have its own meaning.."

this is usually followed by "talaga? anu naman un?"

so for the first thing about me, here it is:
真 - read as "ma"; character for "truth"
良 - read as "ra"; japanese don't use the letter "L" very much so "R" is a substitute; character for "goodness"
也 - read as "ya"; doesn't really have a word to translate, but "ya" is used whenever japanese mean "among others" in their sentences..

2) having learned these back when I was 10 (I think.. I didn't learn my name in those characters until around that age), I kind of remember telling myself that I'd stick to those qualities.. or else, what's the point of having it in your name.. right??

3) most people know me as the guy who has a very big bag.. partly because I like to climb mountains.. where I got that kind of liking is probably from my childhood.. I joined the Boy Scout of the Philippines back in elementary.. stayed from grade 2 up to 1st year high school..

4) during my childhood as a boy scout, I was awarded as one of the "10 outstanding boy scouts of the year".. which after a year or two I thought I didn't really win that hard because the people in the higher ups of the BSP admin knew me PERSONALLY.. but hey, since they saw me worthy, wth..

5) another thing I got for being a boy scout was the opportunity to travel to different countries and meet different cultures.. I've been to California because of an invitational jamboree, wherein we stayed in a mountain in San Jose, and my foster parents lived in Delano (which is a small town with a lot of grape yards.. a bit far from L.A. though).. I also got a chance to go to Thailand because of the 20th world Jamboree.. no foster parents here, but a lot of the thai delegates mistook most of us Filipinos as Thai.. lucky we were wearing our uniforms all the time so we had justifications that we were foreigners.. XD

6) despite currently studying in a technical school, my High School was more on the artistic side of the students.. I tried science high schools, but I failed PSHS and I wasn't able to apply at QCHS.. but I do not regret staying in JASMS (my alma mater)..

7) since I did graduate from an artistically inclined high school, there's no denying that I did learn a few things in the art world.. my favorites include photography even if I only got a chance to study it for around 3 months.. but the one thing I cannot deny is that I enjoyed high school because of theater..

8) I was grade 4 when I first watched this organization known as the "Tanghalang Tanyag ng Kabataan - JASMS" (a.k.a. TaTaK-JASMS).. after watching their performance I was like "Damn! gusto ko sumali sa kanila!!".. since it was a high school organization, I joined them when I was 1st year.. though I forgot I wanted to join them when I first entered high school, the room-to-room helped in reminding me that I wanted to join..

9) my first taste of organization leadership opportunity was given to me on my second year in JASMS.. because the original adviser of TaTaK was about to leave us, he wanted to leave the organization in good hands.. unfortunately for me, I got the position as Vice-President despite only being a sophomore.. I mean, other members had more experience than what I had in the organization, but why he gave me the position, I'll never know..

10) everytime I study, I like to listen to my playlist.. it may be distracting at times, but it helps during exams because whenever I remember a particular song that distracted me, I remember what I'm supposed to write (not applicable for analytical chemistry 2).. XD

11) I learned to play the piano back when I was grade 2.. stopped at around 1st year high school cause I felt like it was time to move on.. but given a chance to study a piece then maybe I could still play it again.. I won't compete with my sister though..

12) my hair was never naturally curly.. I had the standard straight hair na meron karamihan ng mga bata.. I can't remember what it was called, but I had that straight hair.. my childhood pics can prove that.. XD

13) like other sports, I start out not interested, but after experiencing it, I decide if I like it or not.. example: basketball.. never really saw how people enjoyed it.. but after a few games, I enjoyed it so much that it became my favorite sport.. the same does not apply to wrestling though.. I like it cause people can fly maybe 30 feet and still end up standing after landing in their stomachs.. most of them anyway.. XD

14) if the Rajas were still in power, then I'm royalty.. no this has nothing to do with my japanese side (kaya nga Raja eh!).. our family tree shows that my grandmother sa mother side ng family is a decendant of Prince Tupaz, who is one of the 3 sons of Raja Sulayman, whom was the Raja at the time Magellan found the Philippines.. hence, all of my cousins, nephews, and nieces are reminded at a young age that we are a decendants of royalty, and that we should be proud of it.. may not have much value today as it did some 400 years ago, but hey, proud to be pinoy pa rin naman diba?? XD

15) as weird as it sounds, there are times that I enjoy listening to songs that are from a woman's point of view.. not because I want to be the one singing the song.. but because I like the feeling that a girl would sing that song for me.. usually my criteria for enjoying a song like that includes lyrics, melody, and voice quality.. plus points if the singer is cute, minus points if it's a novelty song.. xD

16) despite number 15, of course I enjoy songs that are of a guy's point of view.. again, lyrics, melody, and voice quality are my criteria.. minus points if it's a novelty song, plus points if the song or singer/band dares to break boundaries (like mixing a violin and cello in a rock band, or daring to defy the industry that would make them famous)..

17) I like solving jigsaw puzzles.. I like the idea of how each shape fits to complete the picture that is in the cover of the box.. haven't found the time to start again, but if you were to give me one, I'd prefer it to be at least 500 pieces.. XD

18) people who see me type in the keyboard already know this.. I don't necessarily have to look at the keyboard to type.. people have seen me just stare at the sky and think about what I want to type and it just comes out in the monitor.. although I do make mistakes whenever I type, I usually realize it and head for the backspace button.. thankfully, word has an automatic typo corrector, so my editing is minimized.. XD

19) as a student of Mapua, I understand what it means to say "I don't have time to do this" because studying a subject for 11 weeks isn't exactly what I'd call fun.. I mean, who studies algebra and trigonometry together in 11 weeks?!?! yeah those are easy subjects for some people, but nonetheless, I've seen engineering students in Mapua struggle in these subjects probably because of the transition from 1 year of studying trigonometry, to 11 weeks with a terror profesor..

20) i'm not a heavy drinker when it comes to alcohol.. I don't go out every night to drink with friends.. probably because my friends don't do that, and the few friends that I have that drink more than me always tell me "pag hindi ako busy, tara toma tayo.".. which is something I prefer because my priority is studying against all other things..

21) I'm not a member of the NGSB (No Girlfriend Since Birth), but I am a member of TIIS (T*** I** I'm Single).. Hi Renz!! XD

22) if you were to give me P1000 worth of arcade money, I'd probably spend it all in Time Crisis.. unless there was a prize that has to be won.. XD

23) I'm not a bookworm, which is probably why I prefer TV or movies.. but if I like the plot of the book then I might actually read it.. hopefully my eyes don't become heavy after the first few chapters.. otherwise I'd close it and leave it there for a few months (kinda like the second book of twilight.. the only difference is I finished the first book just so I have something to compare the movie with..)

24) I like quiz shows.. although I prefer to be a contestant than to be a quiz master or organizer.. for the simple reason that as a contestant, I have something to prove to the organizer or quizmaster.. XD

25) lately, I have this unusual fascination with fire.. it's not just because of the cold flame that we do during Kemajik.. but the feeling that something like fire is in the palm of your hands kinda feels good..

since I'm supposed to tag, I tag Guive, Claudio, Bryan, Dannah, Janine, JM, Renz, Edison, Mariane, Cris, Raymond, Chloe, Guccie, and all the others who want to do this.. I don't usually have more than 12 common readers so I don't know who else to tag.. XD

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