Wednesday, November 5, 2008

if you don't want to waste your time, don't read this blog..

ordinarily, I'd complain about a few things that happen in my life.. like "why do I have to work with that guy?" or, "hindi ka ba titigil sa kakakopya sa akin?" or, "syet! ang lakas ng ulan! wala akong dalang payong!", or "ba't ba wala nang dumadaan na bus??".. these are just some of the few things that I'd complain and get over after a day..

there are however some things that I complain but have to live with like "why can't I drive going to mapua?", or "my monitor is dark so I can't see the pics very well"...

well this time I have a new complaint.. but still, it's about my monitor, and I think I'm including this in my wish list..

like I just said, my monitor is too dark.. probably because it's a low-radiation monitor, so any excess light that it emits is maintained at a certain amount.. now however, things are different.. my monitor is now emitting too much light!! it's so bright that I'm having trouble reading my own blog.. anyway, aside from that, should my mom see this right now she'd be like "ba't ganyan ang monitor mo? patayin mo na ang pc at masisira lang ang mata mo!".. and she'd be damn right.. hirap na nga ako tumingin at a certain distance eh.. tapos dadagdagan ko pa ng ginagawa sa akin ng monitor ko..

anyway, the next time na magpunta kami ng SM magpapabili na rin ako ng bagong monitor.. this one I'm using was with the family since pentium II was the fastest pc that you can get! @_@

until then, my use of the computer will be at a minimum.. although if nobody's using the laptop, then that's another story.. XD

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