Tuesday, November 25, 2008

smileys galore..

Here's the deal: you can't answer any of these questions with words.
You can only use Smiley faces. Answer with an emoticon you feel fits
as your answer. Make up your own smiley! :]

Hi, how is your day? *_*
Do you like meeting new people? :)
How do you feel about alcohol? XXD
Do you know how to drive? ^____________________^
How do you feel about roller coasters? O_O
Do you like little kids? @_@
Did you sleep with a stuffed animal when you were little? :/
Do you like school? X_X
How do you feel about plaid patterns? :-/
Do you like Coca Cola? X(
Do you like scary movies? xD
How is your life as of right now? :-o
Do you enjoy being alone? x_x
Do you like the smell of hand sanitizer? -_-
Do you believe in magic? c:
Do you like going to concerts? XXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Do you like cold weather? C:
What about warm weather? -_-
Are you a crazy, outgoing person? -_-
Or are you shy and keep to yourself? :D
What does the future look like for you? @_@
Do you like teamwork? :3
Are any parts of you sore right now? -_-
Do you like the color purple? :/
Do you watch a lot of TV? XD
Do you like the summer? :]
Do you make wishes at 11:11? o_o?
Do you like trying new things? :D
Do you like Mexican food? c:
How is your relationship between you and your family? :)
Do you have any pets? XD
Do you like piercings? -_-
What about tattoos? -_-
Do you enjoy where you live? :D
Are you a little kid on the inside? XD
What about on the outside? -_-
Do you like playing sports? XD
Do you have a best friend? XD XD XD
How do you feel about our new president? DX
Do you travel a lot? :)
Describe yourself in one emotion.: ^@^

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