Tuesday, November 18, 2008

this blog is not about me..

but I'm blogging it because I was amused by the article..

actually, I was almost a victim of this kind of crime.. stupid guy didn't know that I grew up in Manila and was aware of people like him.. I only accept that kind of treatment if it's very late and all I want to do is to get home safely.. of course I'd set a fixed price that is close to the true value, but for idiots who want to charge as if they actually were the real people in tat business and give you the same excuse as the legitimate business, then screw you fakers since you charge almost triple the regular price!

anyway, here's the article:

Crooked cabbie mistakes LTO chief for 'promdi' passenger

After mistaking the Land Transportation Office (LTO) chief for a promdi passenger and charging him P700 for a ride to Quezon City, a taxi driver at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) found himself in detention, without a license and his cab impounded.

The erring driver made the serious mistake of refusing to flag down the cab meter for his passenger, whom he did not realize was LTO head Alberto Suansing.

"The driver, who mistook me for a promdi (Filipino slang for someone 'from the province'), refused to flag down his meter and told me that I have to pay P700 as fixed fare," Suansing told The STAR.

"I just ignored him and told him to proceed to Quezon City," he said.

Suansing said he took the airport taxi to verify reports of drivers ripping off passengers, especially from the provinces.

On the road, the driver kept asking him for the specific destination but Suansing merely told him to keep driving to East Avenue.

East Avenue is where the LTO head office is located. Sensing something was amiss, the driver asked Suansing who he was and insisted on knowing where they were going.

Upon reaching East Avenue, Suansing instructed him to enter the LTO compound. The now panic-stricken driver asked him again,"Sino ka ba? Bakit sa LTO tayo papasok? (Who are you? Why are we going into the LTO?)"

Suansing then told the bewildered driver: "I am the chief of the LTO. I am arresting you for taking advantage of a passenger."

Suansing said he has confiscated the license of the erring driver and also impounded the taxicab. - Perseus Echeminada (Philstar News Service, www.philstar.com)

p.s. - inquirer talaga binabasa ko.. but since this came from the net, wala akong magagawa.. xD

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