Sunday, December 14, 2008

the silent multiply..

it's monday morning, and until now multiply has been silent..

what silence am I referring too? it's quite simple really..

saturday night, students of Mapua could already log-on to their accounts and find out if they have passed or failed in their subjects for this term..

ordinarily, people who are very vocal of their grades would be posting their grades like "I passed my freakin' subject!!" or "Syet!! bagsak nanaman ako!!"

this Christmas time, it's unusually silent.. and I think I know why..

there's a feeling in my gut that's telling me that some of my friend's aren't as lucky as I got this term.. and I'm feeling for you guys.. it's hard to have consecutive terms that include failing grades.. I know, I've had 2 consecutive terms which totaled to 4 units.. and I almost failed again this term.. thankfully the professor lowered the passing since I just barely made it.. nonetheless, others who were not as lucky as I was got a better grade than a 5.00..

I'm not sure how it feels to have an incomplete grade, but I know I'd rather have an incomplete grade than having a failing grade.. it doesn't hurt as much as a failing grade.. so to those of you who got incomplete grades this term, then good luck to your requirements! for those of you who failed this term, I know it's hard, but there's still next term.. and next term you have to keep in mind that what you have to do is to prove to yourself that you did not deserve to fail when you first took that subject.. that's what I did with my first two failures.. and so far, I've been doing well..

I'm not sure if that means anything to those of you who failed this term, but I hope that my small piece of advise can help..

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