Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm 74% Filipino... (wait, so 26% Japanese lang ako?!)

-[x] You have sung on karaoke
-[x] You have bought clothes from ukay-ukay
-[x] You have eaten pancit
-[x] You have danced a traditional Pinoy dance in front of people
-[x] You have been to a free concert
-[x] You have never worn contact lenses
-[x] You can speak tagalog fluently
-[x] You have bought AutoloadMax/E-Load
-[x ] You like to eat Sky Flakes
-[ ] You have put oil in your hair
-[x] You have washed your/other people's clothes in a palanggana
- 10 out of 11

-[ ] You know the pinoy ako dance steps
-[x] You have been to Divisoria
-[x] You have been to Quiapo
-[x] You have been to Baclaran
-[x] You rode on a public jeepney
-[ ] You have been to mass at Baclaran Church
-[x] You have drank taho
-[x] You have eaten halo-halo
-[x] You have hung-out outside a sari-sari store and enjoyed it
-[x] You have Jay-Walked
- 8 out of 10

-[x] You have eaten sorbetes
-[x] You have eaten lechon
-[ ] You love watching Pinoy Novelas
-[ ] You have almost been attacked by a monster
-[ ] You have went to the province by bus
-[x] You have slept on a banig
-[x] You have faked your age (When I was 6, trying to watch Power Rangers in a cinema)
-[x] You have swam in a public pool
-[x] You have peed in a pool
-[ ] You have been to a PARLOR and got something done
- 6 out of 10

-[x] You have been obsessed with a pure pinoy actor/actress
-[x] You have been to a public basketball game
-[x] You have eaten ISAW
-[ ] You have/had bulate stomach when u were young
-[ ] You own a Magic Sing
-[x] You have played Patintero
-[x] You have played sipa
-[ ] You have bought a dog/cat from the divisoria
-[x] You have played Bingo
- 6 out of 9

-[x] You have been to Pasay
-[x] You have taken a road trip by car
-[x] You have thought of using someone for their money
-[ ] You have used someone for their money
-[x] You have owned/own a black and white phone before
-[x] You have slept at around 5am or so
-[ ] You have gone a week without bathing
-[ ] You have gotten drunk
-[x] You respect your elders
-[x] You like to gimmick
= 7 out of 10

Now add the numbers up and multiply by

Then title your post as "I'm ___% Filipino"


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