Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hindi ko alam kung bakit kaninang umaga ko to naisip...

actually ung umpisa lang ang naisip ko.. eh natuwa ako kasi parang maganda ang patutunguhan.. naisip ko na lang ituloy...

Hey, Can You See??

Hey, can you see? the sky so clear and blue
hey, can you see? the sun is shining at you
its warm gentle rays, that brings things to life
and once it sets, oh what a sight

Hey, can you see? the star filled night
hey, can you see? the moon so bright
in the darkness of the sea, there you can find
the sparkle of white, the reflected moonlight

Hey, can you feel? that soft, cool breeze
hey, can't you see? that this is not just for me
if you walked far enough, then maybe you'll find
something that wasn't really meant to hide

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