Monday, October 27, 2008

ahh the powers of splitting white light,,

alam niyo naman siguro un noh?? what do you get when you let white light pass through a prism?? yup, you split the light into 7 different sets of wavelengths.. in simple english, you get a rainbow..

kanina, for some unknown reason, I saw a rainbow while passing by the river near araneta ave... sa mga alam kung ano meron sa area na yan, most likely parehas tau ng naiisip.. "paano nagkaroon ng rainbow dun eh ang dumi-dumi ng lugar nila?!"..

rainbows don't come out because of a clean environment.. sa kaso ng kanyang occurence sa sky, it depends on the water in which it passes through..

the weird thing about today (or in this case yesterday kasi 1am na raw sabi ng pc ko) was that I saw two rainbows in one morning.. ung isa, nakita ko sa may sprinkler ng Intramuros Golf Course habang naglalakad ako papuntang Mapua..

wala lang.. just a random thought that I thought I'd share.. XD

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