Monday, October 6, 2008

hahaha!! I'm back!!

after being in Cebu for about 3 days, with no internet connection because of the expensive fees, I'm back and with many things to share..

but I won't do it right now.. busy pa maxado sa school work eh.. as usual, nanjan ang mga assignments ko sa mec, then there's the puksaan moments with Sir A; so ung mga slides na kailangan gawin, at mga concepts na kailangan intindihin, kailangan ko rin un gawin.. then there will be days na nasa peer advising na ako since qualified peer adviser na ako as of last term.. then there is the B.S. Reporting sa CPI kasi that would be 30% of my grades sa CPI.. phy chem lab nga hindi ko alam kung panu ko gagawin ung lab reports kasi gagawin daw ung lab reports namin sa friday period namin.. so hindi ko alam kung laptop kami sa N405, or kung magpapakita lang kami sa N405 then go to the computer shop to work on the lab reports..

haay.. anyway, soon to come are pics from my fon from what happened in Cebu.. pag-iisipan ko pa kung maglalagay ako ng pics from the camera since hindi naman kami ang focus ng stay sa Cebu.. but I might put whatever pics that include me.. XD

aun.. un na lang muna.. next time na ako maglalagay ng pics and other stuff.. until I post again! xD

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