Tuesday, March 24, 2009

for this one, I can't believe I didn't see before..

I'm a globe postpaid subscriber.. I was given the privilege to be my dad's extension so I got his extension number..

anyway, like I was saying, I'm a globe postpaid subscriber.. and like other post paid subscribers, there are times that I go above my limit..

lately, globe has a new postpaid plan that allows you to limit your spending by telling the subscribers that they have reached their credit limit, and that they can reload their credit using a card from authorized globe centers..

didn't they already do something like that some 12 years ago? uhh.. didn't they call it prepaid??

I mean, if you've maxed out your credit, you go somewhere and get more, right? isn't that the point of prepaid?

what kind of idiot said that this was a good idea?!?! did they rely on a project evaluation technique and decided that this would be more profitable? and neglected the fact that prepaid was also an option??


Anonymous said...

Ah, the land of the free!
You have the right to free speech as long as you speak English.
best regards, Greg

Anonymous said...

Its all in the manual they make you read before they download your being into those tiny bodies in those dark wombs.

Anonymous said...

I keep quoting these dead white guys for a reason. We seem to be repeating some particularly nasty history, right now.