Sunday, March 22, 2009

this came to me last week...

for lack of other things to watch on tv, and because it is the majority that is followed when watching tv in this house, I was forced to watch local channels.. it's not that I hate the local industry, its just that I'm not very supportive of the primetime dramas.. which brings me to the start of my blog..

I was forced to watch "I love Betty La Fea" like every other night that I come home during their timeslot.. which, unfortunately for me, also makes me watch "Tayong Dalawa".. despite me being not supportive of these dramas, I will admit to "Tayong Dalawa" to be amusing because of the characters.. no, this has nothing to do with Kim Chu.. I'm actually amused by the characters portrayed by Cherry Pie Picache and the actress who plays her mother (I forgot her name).. they made being a member of the poor society a fun thing..

but again, these are merely segways to my original point in this blog.. this is because after these dramas, comes "SNN" which came to me as pointless because they already have Sundays for "The Buzz" and pretty much half of the news of TV Patrol for their showbiz news..

but what really provoked me was the "exclusive interview" portion of Bea Alonzo.. no, I have nothing in personal with her.. but it was the questions of Boy Abunda that bothered me..

our culture has been exposed to so much pop culture that the people in the entertainment industry are using everything that they have in order to maintain their status as the choice of the masses..

yes their intentions are ideal.. they're simply doing their job, which is to entertain the people.. but what bothers me is the sudden increase in showbiz news.. why this kind of news? why of all the things that keep on happening all around us, it is the showbiz industry that is focused on?

I read in another person's blog that the masses have a mental capacity similar to that of a grade 4 student, hence, they should be treated as grade 4 students.. why exploit the part of treating them as grade 4? can't they be treated as grade 6 so as to increase their mental capacity? or is maintaining their grade 4 capacity the reason you have food on your plates?

as I recall, during hard times, the media always asks random people along the EDSA or wherever they're stationed their opinion as to how they shall rise from this crisis? is your solution to feed them with showbiz news each and every night? or wouldn't it be better if you used the people in the showbiz news industry to promote whatever it is that the government has been trying to tell the people..

I'm stopping here.. before I say anything else that would make things more complicated as it already is..

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