Tuesday, March 10, 2009

how am I??

at each morning's sunrise
at every chance I get
I always tell myself
"It's gonna be a good day, I bet"

at each passing day
and each passing night
when the clouds cover the moon
I long for the night

at times of total darkness
and the stars cannot be seen
I tend to ask myself
"what does this mean?"

each time I see you
and each time I can't
there's always something that tells me
there's no reason to rant

I long for your touch
to hold you in my arms
to always see you smile
and keep you from harm

I did not mean for this to happen
it hit me when I didn't knew
it was after a single moment
that I knew it was you

but now is not a good time for me
for my priorities are in view
I have to focus on my studies
before I refocus onto you

my intention was never to hurt
or else, that wouldn't be me
all I ask for now
is for you to wait for me

at the point that I am free
from the binds that I have made
I intend to make you happy
for more than a single day

if you cannot wait for me
there is nothing I can do
but when my finals week ends
I hope to hear from you..

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