Thursday, August 7, 2008

Angela Aki vs. Faye Wong

kanina lang.. nakita ko sa inbox ko sa multiply na may nag-upload ng mga music videos ng "Eyes on Me".. both versions ni Angela Aki and Faye Wong ang pinanood ko.. ung kay Angela Aki, matagal ko nang napanood sa youtube..ung kay Faye Wong naman, kanina ko lang napanood...

So, here's the thing.. mejo biased ang entry na ito kasi una kong narinig ung kay Angela Aki, and I immediately fell in love with the song.. yeah it's another song with a girl's perspective because the lyrics said "I'm more than the dress".. but disregarding that, this is a very beautiful song..

another thing wrong with this post is that my basis of relating both versions is only the videos that I just saw.. so, here goes..

like I said, I'm biased with Angela Aki, hence, I prefer her version of the song.. why? simple, her lyrics were more grammatically correct, making the song more meaningful and poetic (no matter how ironic that may seem)... also, Faye Wong's diction in the music video was horrible.. it sounded more like she was reciting with a melody rather than singing the song with passion..

oh yeah, these two songs don't really have a PV, so what I saw were the "live performances"..

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