Sunday, August 3, 2008

my personal attack on "The Mummy 3"

actually not just mine.. I'll include a few insights from my mom and dad.. sabi ng dad ko: "well, it's better than batman".. I disagree.. it's just more wholesome than "the dark knight".. but hey, since when was batman at par with brendan fraser?

sabi naman ng mom ko: "the last two mummies were scarier than this one. this one is more comic conpared to the others".. una sa lahat, the point of the mummy movies is not to scare the audience, it's about searching for buried treasure, and along the way, awakening the undead, and putting him back to sleep..

now for my comment..

I like what Alex said to Lin..

what it is, and who Lin is, bahala kayo maghanap sa net or manood.. basta un na un.. XD

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