Saturday, August 16, 2008

I got tagged.. so I'm doing this..

1. What is my full name: Malaya (Nathaniel) Tezon Matsuura [ayan ha! sa mga nakaka-alam ng Nathaniel, nilagay ko na!]
2. how old am I: 19
3. When’s my Birthday: December 6
4. Place of Birth: Manila
5. Zodiac Sign: Saguittarius
6. Male or Female: Male
7. School year: uhm, my CM says 3rd year..
8. School: Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT)
9. Occupation: STUDENT!
10. MSN Screen Name: don’t have one...

__Your Appearance___

11. Hair Colour: black..
12. Hair Length: short.. almost like a small afro..
13. Eye Colour: black/brown (?)
14. Weight: let's just say a dietitian said I'm around 20 kgs above normal O_O
15. Height: 5′ 3 1/2"
16. Bra size: N/A
17. Glasses?: none for now...
18. Piercings: none..
19. Tattoos: none..
20. Righty or Lefty: Righty

___Your ‘Firsts’___

21. First best friend: hmm.. Tim Palafox
22. First Award: I was a 1st honor student back in KINDERGARTEN
23. First Sport You Joined: uhh... basketball? can't remember the exact first sport..
24. First pet: a dog.. I'm sure she didn't have a breed (mongrel)..
25. First Real Vacation: I guess it was when I was Japan for the first time (I think I was less than 1 year old at that time)
26. First Concert: it was this concert at the PICC tent for Campus Radio 97.1...
27. First Love: uhmm.. if we're talking about a girl, She's already a Literature major in UST..

___ Favorites___

28. Movie: I'd probably go for the LOTR Trilogy.. the third being my favorite of all 3...
29. TV programme: CSI (Preferably NY or LV)
30. Color: red, blue, and green.. don't think shades.. just think of the regular shades of those colors..
31. Rapper: uhmm.. I don't like rap music..
32. Band: Parokya ni Edgar and Ikimono Gakari
33. Song Right Now: Kiseki
34. Friends: My High School Barkada, as well as the "DotA Boys" of my Che-Chm-Bt family
35. Sweets: dark chocolate, or mint ice cream.. ^^
36. Sport to Play: Basketball ^^
37. Restaurant: hmm.. I don't have a fave resto in particular.. probably because restos are expensive.. xD
38. Favourite brand: Adidas, Merrel (other kinds of things I don't have any favorites in particular)
39. Store: Circuit City!! ^^
40. School Subject: uhm.. Trigo, Algebra, Physics 2 (work, energy, and momentum in particular), Physics 3 (All topics prior to Electricity), Analytical Chem 1, Physical Chem 1, Organic Chem 2, CAD.. sa ngayon yan pa lang.. ^^
41. Animal: uhm.. Lions?.. I like the idea that they're the King of the Jungle.. ^^
42. Book: The Little Prince
43. Magazine: I'm not one who buys magazines..
44. Shoes: rubber shoes.. no chucks..


45. Feeling: thirsty? XD
46. Single or Taken?: SINGLE.
47. Have a crush: yup..
48. Eating: (ate) pork teriyaki
49. Drinking: water.. xD
50. Typing: this survey thing that JJ tagged me..
51. Online?: yup.. on ym..
52. Listening To: Hito by GReeeeN
53. Thinking About: why my neighbor's having a party and whether or not Ebe (of Sugarfree) is at that party..
54. Wanting To: pass Mechanics 1, and Prob Stat
55. Watching: (was watching) Olympic tennis gold medal games.. .
56. Wearing: my house clothes..

___Your Future___

57. Want Kids?: maybe one or two..
58. Want to be Married?: yeah..
59. Careers in Mind: Engineer? XD, or maybe Chemist (...)
60. Where do you want to live: somewhere in Japan.. maybe Tokyo or Chiba.. but any prefecture near Tokyo is fine as well.. xD
61. Car: either Mazda or Toyota.. must be fuel-efficient, or hybrid, or electrically powered.. XD

__Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

62. Hair colour: black to dark brown..
63. Hair length: as long as she looks good with her hair length I'm okay with it..
64. Eye colour: dark brown I guess..
65. Measurements: uhm.. as long as she's slender I'm okay..
66. Cute or Sexy: cute..
67: Eyes or lips: Eyes.
68. Hugs or Kisses: can't I have both? XD
69. Short or Tall: I prefer to be taller than her..
70. Easygoing or serious: someone who knows when to be easygoing, and when to be serious..
71. Romantic or Spontaneous: romanticly spontaneous (pwede ba un? XD)
72. Fatty or Skinny: skinny na lang.. XD
73. Sensitive or Loud: sensitive
74. Hook-up or Relationship: relationship
75. Sweet or Caring: caring
76. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: daring would do..

___Have you ever______

77. Kissed a Stranger: normally the strangers I kiss are those who actually know me back when I was a kid/baby..
78. Had Alcohol: yup..
79. Smoked: nope.. and I don't intend to do so..
80. Ran Away From Home: not really..
81. Broken a bone: I broke my nose when I was around 10..
82. Got an X-ray: uh, yeah?
83. Been with someone: if by that meaning had a relationship, yeah..
84. Broken Someone’s Heart: not really.. I haven't given anybody an "I'm Sorry"..
85. Broke Up With Someone: yup..
86. Cried 4 no reason: not really..

___Do You Believe In___

87. God: of course..
88. Miracles: not always, but yeah..
89. Love At First sight: haven't experienced, so I can't say for now..
90. Ghosts: I guess so..
91. Aliens: there's some doubt, but yeah..
92. Soul Mates: since I believe that there's someone out there destined for me, then you could say so..
93. Heaven: not exactly the stereotyped heaven, but yeah
94. Hell: same as in heaven..
95. Angels: if angels were people of heaven, then yes.. if angels were here on earth, then I don't believe in all of them..
96. Kissing on The First Date: uhh.. no..
97. Horoscopes: only if it sounds interesting..

___Answer Truthfully___

98. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can’t Have? that seems to be the case..

Since I got tagged.. i tag my frequent readers aside from Nadi who was already tagged by JJ..

so, I tag: Kuya Renz, Kuya Edison, Paeng, Guive, Janine, my sister Sara, and anybody else who wants to do this.. xD

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