Friday, September 5, 2008

and so, hell week begins again..

this is probably the last week that I'll be able to breathe normally.. by monday next week, I'll be swamped with exams, lectures, exams, exams, more exams, review, exams, final exams, oh, and did I mention exams??

let's start of with monday next week.. although I only have two classes every monday, the first subject is probability and statistics, and so far, my grade is dependent on my third quiz which we just had yesterday (it's 12:18 as of this sentence).. although I'm hoping for a bonus quiz 4, I still want a high score on my third quiz..

next comes mechanics.. I just realized that I alreay have 10% of my grade.. the remaining percentage neccessary is dependent on my late homeworks and result of the remaining 3 quizzes, 1 pre-final exam, and of course, the final exam.. there's also this rumor that he's only strict on the grading system when it comes to the CE, ME or Archi students.. other fields of engineering don't really require mechanics (such as ChE), but is essential for the board exam, so he only wants to make sure that we learn what we need to learn..

next item on the list is elementary EE.. no comment.. XD.. this is one subject I could afford to be absent on the days of the lecture, and still end up with a passing grade.. but what I'm after is the additional 5% that we get for complete attendance (which is something our professor actually lacks).. still, it's an easy 1.** grade so no pressure here..

next item on the list is Che Cal 3.. thanks to my 95% score on the third quiz, I've already attained a safe average for the subject.. all I need to do now is to make sure that we do a great job at the case study, and then I pass.. XD

next up, Physics 4 lab.. FINALLY!! I WILL GRADUATE FROM THE PHYSICS DEPARTMENT!! I'm sure of that since three of the five lab reports that was returned shows that I was the highest in the section because it was taken for portfolio purposes, and since my quiz booklet was also taken (I'm assuming I was also highest there, even if it was only 60%).. I feel confident with this subject as well..

next item on the list, is Phy Chem Lab.. I still need to work on the final proposal of the experimental design, but that can be done within the next week.. the only thing I have to worry about is the final exam.. why is that? because if I do not get at least 50% in the final exam, even if I already obtained a passing grade without the final exam, I would receive a grade of 7.00 (which is equivalent to "incomplete").. hence, I would be required to re-take the subject next term, and pass the final exam before I can take Phy Chem 2 lec and lab..

finally, we have my Nihongo class.. although the midterm exam for nihongo might not fall on the 20th, there is still the pressure I'm putting on myself which is to be the top student.. hahaha!! I failed to do that last sem.. so I'm going to have to do better this sem.. what bothers me in this subject is mostly on the kanji.. sentence patterns are easier to analyze than memorizing how to write the Kanji (at least for me).. I can read kanji, that's not a problem.. my problem is if they ask me to write the kanji, my brain sometimes forgets which kanji to write.. so that would be my major problem in the exams..

oh yeah.. if you're wondering about the straight english blog, I'm blaming Tarah since before I wrote this, I read her blog and now my brain is stuck in english mode.. xD

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