Monday, September 29, 2008

grr!! I need to learn Japanese faster!!!

I know.. I know.. "nag-aaral ka naman ng japanese ngayon ah!".. that may be the case, but I want to learn how to understand japanese faster.. not just learning more vocabs and sentence patterns, but my listening comprehension MUST IMPROVE a hell of a lot more than where I am right now..

I just watched a video of Ikimono Gakari where they sang the song "Koisuru Otome", and midway through their performance, the video showed an interview segment with the band.. I could hear some words that I could understand during the interview, but what I had problems with the interview was that I could barely understand what the vocalist was saying.. what I was able to comprehend was something like "I was thinking of the emotion of the song" or something like that.. but she was speaking so fast that I could not understand what she said..

grr.. walang japanese word processor dito sa laptop.. hindi ako makabanat ng hapon.. grr..

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