Monday, September 8, 2008

the bus home take 2..

today (as of the beginning of this blog) is Monday.. my first class is at 4:30 in the afternoon, and I'm supposed to wear a polo with matching slacks for Mec 1 at 6pm.. I remembered it was monday, and that my first class was at 4:30.. but what I forgot was the polo thing.. so I ended up being one of the few students in the class who was not wearing a polo today.. during the Mec class (which was actually a quiz), rain started to fall very hard over mapua.. at first, I thought that it would disappear after a few minutes, but when lightning and thunder with strong winds were observed, I knew it was going to be a rough time going home..

the class ended, and still the rain was pouring hard.. Edgie and I had to wait a while for the rain to weaken a bit, but we left mapua with rain still pouring.. when we reached the gate of mapua, as we expected there was a river in front of us.. but thank God it wasn't really that deep.. at the corner which leads to the alleyway towards the "cantunan", the water level wasnt' that high so we could still pass through.. what caught us off-guard was the flood at the underpass.. @_@.. the water from the lake of city hall reached up to the sidewalk leading to the underpass, and the vendors and barkers already prepared the make-shift bridge and was holding out a basin with coins (for donations).. once we were able to cross the make-shift bridge, the underpass walls were occupied by squatters who used the underpass as a shelter from the heavy rains and floods.. once we got to the other side of the underpass, the other side of the lake caught us by surprise again, which made us cross the gates of city hall, and pass by the its side towards SM manila since the road that leads to the LRT Central Station and University of Manila transformed into a river..

once we got to the back of city hall, another river caught us by surprise, and Edgie decided to take another route going to the LRT.. me? I decided to go around city hall and get a ride where the vehicles usually stop.. as it turns out, there wasn't much PUV's available that headed to fairview, so I ended up waiting for about 30 minutes in the pouring rain with a water mark nearing my knees on my pants.. when a bus finally passed that wasn't really full, I decided to take it even if it wasn't air-conditioned.. as long as it could get me home asap..

I entered at the front side of the bus (the bus was a 2-door bus), and stood near the first row of seats since it was already standing room.. somewhere along the way, I moved to the 3rd row since more people entered the bus.. once the bus crossed the bridge and was nearing Quiapo, it began to move slowly as to prevent splashing water to the innocently standing people whom are stranded because of the rain.. while the driver was pushing the breaks, the bus began to vibrate in such a way that I thought if it continued like that for another 30 minutes, my pants would be dried.. XD

skipping the long bus ride, I got of the bus from the middle doors since that is where I eventually found myself standing close to.. I got home at around 9:50.. just in time to catch House.. XD

haaay.. kakapagod mag-english!! hindi ko nga rin alam kung bakit english ko ginawa ang blog na ito eh.. basta.. sana hindi mawalan ng pasok bukas.. baka kung ano ang hindi ko magawa dahil lang nawalan ng pasok.. @_@

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