Tuesday, September 30, 2008

変な 夢い が ありました。。

I read this blog which was copied from somewhere which was about 10 things about people and dreams..

a few things that concerns that trivia and this blog include the following.. 1) the people you see in your dreams are people you've seen in real life, 2) when you dream, your body doesn't move, and 3), you forget your dreams..

let's go to #1.. I just found this true because my dream was about a certain person who I really know.. what's weird is that there were a lot of people there who don't look like her, but in my dream, they are either her family members, or relatives.. I'm not sure, all I know is, the dream took place in this freakishly huge house..

considering that the people in my dreams involve people I've seen in real life, my subconscience must have used these complete strangers that I've seen to represent well, people who I really haven't met.. all I know is, the main characters in my dream were the only people whom I know..

now I'd like to talk about #2.. it said in the trivia blog that when we dream, our bodies are in a state of paralysis of some sort because of hormones that prevent us to move during sleep.. well for whatever reason it is that we don't move when we dream, I realized one thing.. when my dream got cut just when it was getting really really good, my body was facing the window when I slept facing the ceiling.. so, I'm guessing that when my body moved to face the window, that was the instant that my dream got cut.. damn.. just when it was getting exciting.. @_@

since this is a blog, many people can read this.. so I'm not going into further detail as to what the dream was about.. but regarding #3, there are some dreams that I'll admit I've forgotten, but there are those that I don't forget.. well, okay, I'll forget the majority of the details, but I won't forget the climax of the dream.. eventually, I might forget them, but for now, I know what I remember.. XD

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